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The Project

The project aims at disseminating the Restructuring concept, favouring the promotion of the development companies and industries as well as showing to the organisation strictly linked with the workers the process for helping to focusing and individuating a solution for the created situation.

The objective of the project is to clarify that a change does not means a worsening of a situation, but also a challenge that could be exploit either by the employer or by workers as demonstrated in the different socio-economic researches.

The involvement of 6 western countries is strategic for the good quality of the results and the data: it means that there will be the real situation as well as the possibility to individuate and focus the common point.

Another very important and innovative objective is the comparison with the new Eastern countries that have undergone the Reconversion process in the last twenty-year period.

The comparison between these two particular situations could give several information usable for solving and theorising a European model as well as for creating a common base from which it is possible to think to European Labour Market.

The sharing of the language, the prevision and the linguistic code can give much more confidence to the Europeans who are able to understand and affront the strategic changes required by the socio economics market.

The innovativeness of the T.I.R. project is assured by:

  1. The comparison and dissemination of a model that aims to private and manage the industrial and companies’ crisis accompanying the companies in the socio- economic change

Outputs of the project

  1. Dissemination of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), Change Management (CM), Corporate Governance (CG) culture.
  2. Implementation of social dialogue methodologies for an entrepreneurial and territorial Change Management.